Healthy Diet for losing weight and health care in one step

I Believe, the supplement product from

  • Enzyme extracted from various vegetable and fruit to rehabilitate the digestion system. When your body digests well and absorbs well – it helps you feel full faster and not eating more than your body needed.
  • Enzyme extracted from various vegetable and fruit to rehabilitate the metabolism system, draw the surplus energy and no fat accumulation.
  • Rehabilitate the digestion system by probiotic and prebiotic for good digestion system.
  • Egg protein powder will increase the muscle after weight losing and firm up your shape.
  • When your body is balanced, your skin is brighten as well.

I Believe is suitable for those who;...?

  • Have no time to exercise
  • Do not want to starve themselves
  • Need to adjust the metabolism rate
  • Need to decrease fat in their bodies
  • Do not consume enough vegetables and fruits
  • Need for safe weight losing
  • Need to rehabilitate the digestion system
  • Need the nature extract for weight losing without yoyo effect

Mechanism of enzyme for weight losing

If your body receives the needed nutrient and enzyme for all mechanism sufficiently, you will be in a good shape and skin without trying to control your meal or exercise. The secret of “power of enzyme” is….

Enzyme and weight losing are related due to it will increase the metabolism system, as we known that the metabolism system will be decreased by the age, and exercise will build up the muscle and increase the metabolism system but the lifestyle of working is also one of the obstacles.

The effect of the lack of enzyme, it will decrease the enzyme remained from digestion and metabolism system which affects to the imbalance of 4-side enzyme mechanism, bad health, weight gaining and edema. Conversely, if the enzyme is decreased for digestion, it will increase the enzyme for metabolism system.

One method to increase the metabolism system when you do not exercise frequently is “having foods contained natural digestive enzymes”.

Foods that contained natural digestive enzymes include fresh vegetable and fruit, preserved foods; natto, miso, koji and sake kasu etc.

Mechanism of I Believe...?

  • Increase the enzyme extracted from organic vegetable and fruit for the good metabolism system
  • Prebiotic and probiotic in I Believe will balance the excretory system and clean out the surplus fat
  • Decrease the appetite due to the enzyme of vegetable and fruit in I Believe will increase the efficiency of absorption system
  • Brighten up your skin due to the good excretory system and vitamin from organic fruit

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